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Don't miss 4 unforgettable days at one of the top resorts at Ngapali Beach - 3 km long unspoiled beach, white sand, crystal clear water
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Yangon, the Shwedagon, Bagan, the 2,000 pagodas, Mandalay, former capital of kings, Shan State, the Switzerland of Myanmar, Bahmo, an adventure in the North, Sittwe and the temples of Mrauk Oo in Rakhine...
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14 Days Hidden Gems of China
May 2012 - From Beijing to the Read Land



If you want to see 500 years of history -  go to Beijing
 If you want to see 5,000 years of history -  go to Luoyang
 If you want to see God’s real painting - go to Yunnan

For those seeking the once in a life time unique adventure that balances China’s highlights with a look at its 'wild' side, this two week's journey brings you to China’s ancient hidden treasures.

Travel with us and ...enjoy this journey which will take you down the road less travelled...

 Hop on a rickshaw and get pedaled to the Hutongs.

 Meet China's imperial past and political present: The Tiananmen Square.
Continue to the Forbidden City.
Walk the Great Wall of China.
Stare down upon Xian’s Terracotta Army.

Marvel at the Long Men Grottoes - a treasure house of ancient Buddhist cave art.


Dazu’s 100,000 Buddhas carved into limestone rocks - merging the spiritual balance of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism.


Encounter Yunnan’s beauty - from the Shaolin monks to "God’s Painting" and the bizarre Stone Forest.

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