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Yangon, the Shwedagon, Bagan, the 2,000 pagodas, Mandalay, former capital of kings, Shan State, the Switzerland of Myanmar, Bahmo, an adventure in the North, Sittwe and the temples of Mrauk Oo in Rakhine...
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5,6,7,8,9,10,12 and 17 days package tours to Myanmar, but we also offer journeys up to 50 days and more
Anything you want to add? Maybe the Golden Rock (Kyaikthiyo), Mawlamyine, or the tattoo chin tribe village? Here it is!
Don't miss 4 unforgettable days at one of the top resorts at Ngapali Beach - 3 km long unspoiled beach, white sand, crystal clear water
Archipelago sailing in Myanmar
Hiking/Trekking in Myanmar

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14 days hidden gems of China

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Don't miss the festival time in Myanmar! Our Myanma festival dates are always updated!
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About Myanmar astrology and how to find out if you are a tiger, elephant, dragon or maybe a garuda?
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Staff Photo Gallery


Twiggy our lady p(b)ug: Tour Guide Sniffler
...there is not one single guide leaving Myanmar Travel Ltd. without having been thoroughly examined by her...
Yolanda Grest Thein: Future MD
...still studying Kiyosoki's "Rich Kid, Smart Kid", before launching ethnic tours to cyber space...
Myriam Grest Thein: Mother of Future MD
...our saint - she is never wrong AND with her help we cover up various inconveniences caused by our supportive suppliers...
Ko Hla Oo : Reservation "Compartment"
...most of our esteemed clients have a very vague idea about how he is handling his job - better never ask him...

Ma Yin Mar : Reservation "Compartment"
... She definitely makes sure that all of our suppliers stick to their contracts... Mostly she is successful, if not - please, don't yell at her at your end of the phone. If you need to confer about your plans while talking with her, please cover the receiver or push the mute button...

Ma Than Than: Reservation "Compartment"
... Miss Than Than has no time to smile... as she not only double - but triple checks (!) your airline tickets. However, she knows very well, that every takeoff is optional and every landing is mandatory. ..

Ma San San: Reservation "Compartment"

... She knew all the correct answers of our latest monthly test:
Cannibal: Someone who is fed up with people
Chicken: The only animals you eat before they are born and after they are dead.
Mrs.: A job title involving heavy duties, light earnings and no recognition.
Terminal Illness: Getting sick at the airport.
Tourists: People who are taking training classes just to get a vacation from their jobs...
Khine Khine: Chief Accountant
...don't get us wrong! She knows the difference between US$, FEC and Kyats... and right now deals with the fact, that Mr. Bush found out  where we do our business...

Ma Ngwe Zin: Accounting
... Not only double-checks our outgoing invoices but trying to solve problems we didn't know we had in a way we don't understand...
Computer Specialist: Who's that guy?
Bill Gates?
Prince of Taj Mahal?
Brad Pitt?
Ko Nyi our computer nerd?
Bo Bo: English Speaking Guide
...You must be aware that you can not hold us responsible in the unlikely event of being hit, attacked, maimed, arrested or just generally laughed at while following his instructions during your exciting journey through Myanmar...

Lily: Spanish speaking guide

... Hard to get her traveling as there are 365 days in the year - her working day is 8 hrs (one third of the day) so in a year that comes to 122 days. Our office is shut on Sundays so that's 52 off, leaving 70. Then she has a two weeks' holiday - take off 14, which leaves 56. Then there are 21 bank holidays, so if you remove them, that leaves 35. The office is only a half day open on Saturdays. There are 52 Saturdays in a year, deduct half of it, which is 26 - so you see, she is only 9 days available!

Ma Cho Cho: Italian speaking guide
... Comments from one of our Italian clients: Tour was awesome. We even got on the wrong bus. Cho Cho was the best! ...

Ko Aung: Our office expert and tour guide
His answers when the copier is out of order ...
Yes, I've called the service man.
Yes, he will be in today.
No, I cannot fix it.
No, I do not know how long it will take.
No, I do not know what caused it.
No, I do not know WHO broke it.
Yes, we are keeping it.
No, we do not know what YOU are going to do now.

Ko Naing Zaw: Spanish speaking guide
... Our keeper of the Instruction Booklet Governing Principle: In case it is not available in English or Spanish - he has it in four other languages: Japanese, Myanma, Swahili, and Mongol...
Ko Than Moe Htun: English speaking guide
Stuck up-country? He knows there is no problem a good miracle can't solve ...

Cid Thura: Tour Guide 
...not only our Beau - if you are nice to him he may cook you a meal...

Ko Thura: Russian speaking guide
... Our Russian speaking guide just love Swiss Cheese! ...
... Наш русскоязычный гид:Сейчас любит Швейцарский Сыр...

Ma Htar Htar: Housekeeping
...without her we would sit in dust, have no food, no drinks, no copies - we could just not survive...

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